Monthly Archives: March 2013

Which planet was spotted from a Bath garden?

Bath has seen many firsts, and one of the most significant was the discovery of Uranus by astronomer William Herschel. He used a telescope he designed himself and made the discovery in 1781 right in his own back garden, and the house has been transformed into a small museum to the family’s work. The Herschels were a family of high achievers in their day, and they were talented musicians as well as astronomers.

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Start your spring with a Bath spa break

So last season was all about giving joy to others and making sure they had a good time, so we think spring should be about a little pampering for yourself to get you ready for summer. The first few months of the year may not always be the most positive, as there are the pressures of all those new year resolutions to contend with, plans to make – and many of us didn’t take time out to actually rest during the Christmas break what with all those festivities.

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Wander the Georgian Gardens in Bath

A visit to Bath is a chance to step back in time, and the Georgian Garden is a hidden, fascinating example of how things looked in Jane Austen’s time. Thousands travel to see the Royal Circus with its unique curving architecture, but not so many wander to the back of the houses and take the chance to explore the layout of an original set of Georgian gardens.

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