Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Public Parks of Bath

In a city with as much history as Bath you would not expect to find as many open places, parkland and scenic delights as there are. The public parks of Bath are a haven for nature, a place to relax and a beauty to see. If you love spending time outdoors or are looking for that perfect location for a family picnic then go along to one of the wonderful public parks in Bath.

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Beckford’s Tower and Museum

This 120 foot tall neo-classical tower is a much loved feature in Bath. Built for William Beckford and designed by Henry Edmund Goodridge, the tower was thought of something of a folly by locals at the time. Used as a retreat and library by Beckford himself until his death in 1844, the tower has many beautiful features such as oak panelled ceilings and a 154 step spiral staircase which leads to the opulent belvedere at the top.

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