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An alternative guide to Bath

There’s an exciting new way to experience the city of Bath, and it’s all thanks to one man’s inspirational idea. Secret City Tours was set up by Luke Tregidgo and it sees the homeless of the city act as guides to its visitors. The unlikely guides make the perfect people to show visitors everything about the city as they know every street, every hidden attraction and take from its past, and the unique project has seen fantastic success already.
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Boating in Bath

One of the best things about spa breaks in Bath is that they’re not only an opportunity to forget your cares and relax somewhere special for a day or two, but they’re also a great excuse to experience something new. Look a little closer at the city and you’ll find all kinds of things to do and ways to see Bath, and one of the most unique is setting off on the water from the Victorian boating station.
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3 things to do in Bath

Bath is a diverse city, and that means lots of choice of things to see and do – so here are three of our suggestions to help you plan your stay in the city. Bath spa breaks mean not only do visitors to the city get to relax in style and indulge in some pampering, but they can also have a great time enjoying its attractions. Let’s start with the boat trips available from Bath.
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Five more free things to do in Bath

We came up with so many free ways to enjoy our fair city that we had to save half of them, so if you’re considering booking one of our Bath spa breaks here are just a few of the budget ways to have a fantastic stay in the city. 5 Free things to do in Bath can be found here >>


Firstly, make sure you take in the unique sight that’s Pulteney Weir. With a history that goes all the way back to 1603, the weir is home to the beautiful Pulteney Bridge – and a photo of it is compulsory! If you’re more into your buildings and architecture than your history then you can enjoy the iconic Roman Baths building from one of its most fascinating angles – the outside. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the city’s biggest attractions.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the city’s university during a visit, and while it’s not quite as dazzling as some of the Georgian buildings it’s well worth going to have a look around. If you’re feeling energetic why not pull on your walking boots and walk the Bath Skyline? It’s a great way to experience the views of the city and stretches for an exhilarating 10km. Lastly, take your pick from the city’s free museums. Each one specialises in something different and they remain huge attractions.

Five free things to do in Bath

Bath may be a city of grandeur and elegance but you can see many of its landmarks and attractions without spending a penny. The Royal Hotel offer deals on spa breaks in Bath too, so you can feel pampered and indulge without breaking the Christmas budget. As if that’s not handy enough, we’ve even compiled some of our top five ways to see Bath free of charge.


Start at the Royal Crescent, the splendour of this attraction is all about its exterior and you can enjoy spectacular views from this spot too. Next, head to the Circus and enjoy the sight of this 18th series of houses. There’s an ongoing argument throughout Bath over which is more stunning out of the Royal Crescent and The Circle, but we’ll let you decide.

Take some time to rest between sights in Victoria Park. This landscape is a piece of history in itself as it dates back to 1830. For something a little different pop into the Bath Ales Brewery where you can sample the award-winning local produce. There’s a cosy little bar that makes for a lovely place to huddle up and forget the time. If the weather’s kind wander the Kennet and Avon Canal. You’ll find plenty of friendly pubs along the way and gorgeous views to enjoy.

Take a balloon flight over Bath

The World Heritage Site of Bath looks beautiful from any angle, and if you want to experience a unique way to enjoy it why not take to the skies and enjoy a balloon flight high above its historic streets? Virgin Balloon Flights operate regular flights from Bath, and part of the fun is that because the route you take is dependent on the way the wind blows you can never be too sure of what you’re going to see during your flight.
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Unique shops of Bath

It’s the perfect time of year to visit bustling Bath, not least because it has hundreds of unique, independent shops that make Christmas shopping easy. Many combine shopping trips with spa breaks in Bath and enjoy the best of both worlds – and all that shopping’s so much more enjoyable when you know there’s a massage bed with your name on it at the city’s world-famous spa!
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