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Revel in Painted Pomp in Bath

Bath’s Art Museum will be treating its visitors to a little Painted Pomp until 6 May, as a new exhibition on Art and Fashion in the Age of Shakespeare has been unveiled. Follow the fashions that made England remarkable, told by some of the most influential Jacobean portraits in the country. The art dates all the way back to 1613, and better still, it will displayed beside surviving dresses and costumes from the same period.
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Peek Behind the Scenes at the Roman Baths

Think you’ve seen all there is to explore in Bath? Think again. The Roman Baths are welcoming a select few to see the city’s most famous attraction from a whole new angle with its tunnel and behind the scenes tour this Spring. The 27th March and 24 April will see lucky visitors roam areas of the Roman Baths usually closed to the public, so don’t miss out.
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Bath hits the big screen in Les Mis

Who’s seen the stunning adaptation of Les Miserables? And did anyone think some of the scenery looked familiar? Some of the film’s scenes were shot in Bath’s Grand Parade beside the River Avon, and they provided the perfect backdrop to the tale of struggle and redemption. Bath’s dramatic architecture and nostalgic appearance has always made it a favourite with film directors from around the globe, and Les Mis is the latest in a string of films to showcase it on the silver screen.
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